Staff Directory

Use this Staff Directory to communicate with the staff at Pine Grove Middle School.


Principal, Deborah Magness

Assistant Principal, Nathan Davis

Assistant Principal, Jennifer Farmer

Assistant Principal, George Miller 


Amici, Terri        

Arentz, Thomas  

Bishop, Sarah    

Boyd, Amy         

Bunch, Trish      

Callanan, Landie

Campbell, Kristen

Carbin, Joshua    

Chilcoat, Emilee

Chong-Baeza, T

Clemens, Greg 

Coffman, Stacey

Connell, Shelley 

Connelly, Shannon

Cranston, Matt

Cummings, Betsy

Dawley, Tara       

DeVito, Kerrie    

Durling, Bill      

Ellis, Kismet       

Fains, Vernon      

Grabski, Michelle

Grier, Clarissa    

Hahn, Kimberly     

Hammill, Jim    

Harvey, Elizabeth 

Hawman, Sarah 

Heflin, Vaughan 

Hopkins, Kelley

Huber, Lisa        

Kehl, Gregory    

Kern, Alexis       

Lashley, Michael

Leibee, Rob       

Lightfoot, William

Llufrio, Matt     

Marion, Rich       

Maygers, Kristen


Miller, Kim      

Mullins, Kellie    

Munn, Michelle  

Overton, Edward

Poissant, Matthew

Raulerson, Sarah

Reid, Patrick      

Reider, Claire     

Sciuto, Alexa     

Scott, Nicole       

Shoemaker, Elise

Simms, Kristen   

Six, Diana          

Sneeden, Stephanie

Snow, Lauren     

Snyder, Ben      

Strickland, Daniel

Sunderland, Bill

Sussan, Allison   

Townsend, Torie

Trong, Kathleen 

Tuszynski, Jody 

Voss, Jessica      

Walman, Danbi

Walter, Tracey    

Watson, Debra    

Worthington A

Zink, Peggy        



Curtis, Alice       

Casale, Anne      

Roberts, Kara     



Rudolf, Betsy