Transition Year Residency Verification

Dear Parents,
Baltimore County Public Schools’ policy requires that ALL students transitioning from Grade 5 to Grade 6 and Grade 8 to Grade 9 verify residency prior to the start of the school year.  Provisions for student enrollment and attendance are outlined in Board of Education Policy and Superintendent’s Rule 5150, STUDENTS:  Enrollment and Attendance.  A copy of Policy and Rule 5150 can be obtained by accessing the link or by requesting a copy from the school.

Students enrolled as homeless, shared domicile, or students in state-supervised care verify residency annually and are exempt from this process.

Verification of residency requires at least five (5) documents from the parent/guardian, including photo identification, one of the following documents providing proof of domicile:  Deed or lease, title, mortgage coupon book, real estate tax bill or receipt, and three pieces of business mail or documentation dated within sixty (60) days of the date submitted.  All documents must reflect the same address.

You can begin the enrollment process by visiting Baltimore County Public Schools; completing the appropriate electronic form; and uploading the required enrollment documents.  The documents needed are determined by the type of enrollment.  Once the online form is submitted, a representative from the school will be in touch regarding the office that will assist you.  Traditional enrollments are handled by school personnel while non-traditional enrollments are handled by staff from the Office of Pupil Personnel Services.
PS 222 F3-Shared Domicile Disclosure Renewal Form.docx
PS 222 F4-Shared Domicile Disclosure Renewal Form (Spanish).docx

Prior to beginning the online enrollment form, visit the Office of Pupil Personnel Services website to learn about the various types of enrollment and the forms needed for each.  Forms should be downloaded and saved to your computer or phone before starting the online form so that you may upload them when prompted without having to begin the form again.  For your convenience, the forms have been converted to documents that you can type directly into and save.

Thank you for your cooperation in updating your residency to ensure compliance with Board Policy and Superintendent’s Rule 5150We look forward to having your child join us for 2020-2021 school year!

Deb Magness